Internship Program

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Internship Information

Our goal is to teach our interns all that we can in their areas of focus. Interns will be paired with a Tales of the Cocktail Foundation employee, and they will learn from and assist in that role. During the week of Tales of the Cocktail (July 21-26, 2020), our interns will have the opportunity to lead teams of volunteers to implement the projects they have worked on throughout their internship.

Each intern will build relationships with partners, vendors and presenters while in office, as well as knowledge on marketing, the skills needed to plan large scale events, experience working in the nonprofit sector, and time management skills. This experience will help each intern understand what he/she enjoys most and excels at.

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  • Interns must be 21+ by July 1, 2020
  • Complete up to 2 rounds of interviews
  • Meet minimum number of office hours per week per semester
    Fall Semester: 15 hours per week
    Spring Semester: 15 hours per week
    Summer Semester: 18 hours per week

Necessary Skills

  • Organization
  • Flexibility
  • Concise writing
  • Strong communication skills
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and Powerpoint)
  • Proficient in Google Suite (Docs, Sheets and Slides)
  • Positive attitude
  • Works well on a team

Preferred Skills

  • Leadership experience
  • Focus in one of the following fields:
    • Event Planning / Logistics
      • Event Planning / Logistics TOTCF's Logistics Interns will assist our Logistics Manager in the operations and execution of events including venue management, liquor and supply ordering and distribution, event staff management, etc.
    • Nonprofit Management
      • TOTCF’s Nonprofit Management Interns will assist the team in the Foundation’s philanthropic activities. This includes our Grant Allocation Process, Beyond the Bar and Educational activations focusing on health and wellness for hospitality industry members, Grant Applications, Sustainability Efforts, and Volunteer Coordination.
    • Sales/Brand Partnerships
      • TOTCF’s Sales Interns will assist the Director in Sales in securing sponsorships and partnerships with brands and local businesses.
    • Social Media Marketing
      • TOTCF’s Social Media Marketing Interns will assist our Marketing Manager in creating, posting, and analyzing social media and web based content for the promotion of Tales of the Cocktail Foundation, our events, and educational materials. Knowledge of photoshop, indesign, and/or illustrator is a plus.
    • Graphic Design / Signage
      • TOTCF's Design/Signage interns will assist the team with design tasks as pertains to signage for each TOTC event. The Design/Signage intern would assist in the signage matrix and ensuring we have all information for signage prior to both TOTPR 2020 and TOTC 2020 as well as be the point of contact for all onsite signage logistics during TOTC 2020.
    • Sustainability
      • TOTCF is looking for interns to help coordinate our Sustainability Program with our team as we gear up for Tales of the Cocktail in July. This is a unique opportunity to intern for a nonprofit organization with as we prepare for our biggest fundraiser of the year which is part festival, part conference!
    • Public Relations / Marketing
      • TOTCF's Marketing/PR Intern to assist with all communication and deliverables, as well as general marketing tasks for TOTPR and TOTC2020. The Marketing Interns will also assist in general marketing for the Foundation and TOTC2020.
    • Digital Production / Ticketing
      • TOTCF's Digital Production/Ticketing Interns will assist in managing comp lists for TOTCF events, enter sessions into the system, process refunds, and answer ticketing calls/emails. Digital Production/Ticketing Interns will build, manage and report on the individual ticketing site for Tales on Tour & Tales of the Cocktail, as well as assist with the setup and implementation of RFID technology. During TOTC 2020, interns will manage all credentialed media and registration, manage account/ individual customer relationships as needed, and engineer creative solutions to improve customer experience with ticketing software and RFID technology.
    • Liquor Order and Data Processing
      • TOTCF's Liquor Order and Data Processing Intern will assist the team in liquor management for Tasting Rooms, Seminars, and On-site events for TOTC 2020. Liquor Management includes organizing and executing the liquor supply ordering and distribution. Intern will also assist in data processing of liquor order and for the team for TOTC2020.

Additional Information

  • Our internship is on a volunteer or credit basis and is unpaid.
  • Interns active during the summer term will be compensated during Tales of the Cocktail New Orleans. This includes a stipend for the week, most meals, tickets to exclusive parties (21+), and more.
  • Our internship program begins each semester, but all interns must commit until the week of August 10, 2020.
  • We understand that our internship is longer than most, but we pride ourselves that you will walk away with real work experiences and skills that will transfer into most professions.

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