Letter of Intent Example

Your/Organization Name

123 Street Name

City/Town, State/Provence 12345



Caroline Rosen

Executive Director

Tales of the Cocktail Foundation

900 Camp Street, STE 347

New Orleans, LA 70130

RE: Tales of the Cocktail Foundation 2019 Grant Application

Dear Caroline Rosen,

This is an introductory paragraph. Write the purpose of the letter and your intention in applying for a Tales of the Cocktail Foundation grant. This paragraph should include a brief overview of you/your organization and your mission. It should be a concise summary which provides enticing information. You should also include which pillar of the Tales of the Cocktail Foundation’s mission statement your project aligns.

Your next paragraph should give a brief summary of you or your organization’s background. This paragraph should include your current work and how you plan to reach the goals which you are requesting funding to accomplish. If you do not have any current work or you are in the process of setting up your organization, describe this process here. You should briefly describe how you are uniquely positioned to apply your work toward the subject which you are looking to address.

Include a description of your target population and geographic area. If possible, incorporate statistical facts about the issue at hand and what you are doing and hope to do as well as specific examples of successes and needs. Be sure to describe your project succinctly while elaborating on your objectives and how funding will enable you to solve the problem. Be sure to include a brief summary of how you intend to be a sustainable project after you’ve been potentially awarded a grant from the Foundation (i.e. - how will you/your organization continue to raise money after the funding period).

In this paragraph, you should ballpark the amount of money which you are requesting for your project and a general timeline with correlated costs of your project. The Foundation and Grants Committee would like to see here that you have done the groundwork in envisioning the operation of your project to reach your goals. There will be plenty of space and time to elaborate on this portion of your objective in the Phase Three Application, but please include a general outline in your Letter of Intent.

Finally, conclude your letter with a summary of your goal(s). Illustrate how your goals directly correlate with the TOTCF mission to Educate, Advance, and Support the Global Hospitality Industry. Do not forget to include your email address and phone number, should the Foundation or Grants Committee have any questions or concerns.


Your Name

Title, Organization


List any attachments -- they are not necessary, but you are welcome to include a brief fact sheet on your organization